As adult amateur equestrians, we are already juggling so much!

A job (often more than one), a life (what's that?!) and horses. We do not need to add any more stress or confusion to the mix. I'm here to share all of my tricks, tips, hacks, struggles and more, so that hopefully I can save you at least one adult amateur headache!

Join me and meet my two horses as we balance life, work, horse shows, and much more.

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Owner, founder, and lifelong equestrian

Sarah bachor

meet the


2004 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Meet Ocelot. Also known as Oce, Oce-y, Meow Meow, and a plethora of other nicknames. Ocelot is a 16.2 hand, plain bay with a small snip, 20-year-old Dutch Warmblood. His favorite treat hands down are peppermints. He sucks on them too - definitely the quirkiest, cutest thing ever. His resume starts in the jumpers as a young horse, once upon a time placing in FIFTH in a 1.15m class! Since then he transitioned to the hunters and equitations with Parkwood Equestrian, then Alicia Wilkinson (Horse Show Leases) and then your's truly! Our journey started together in 2018. I can never thank Alicia enough for setting me up with not just one but two incredible animals. As of Summer 2024 I have decided to respectfully semi retire Ocelot. He has given me more than I could’ve ever imagined and for that the least I can do is retire him from the “big stuff” happy and healthy. Prior to stepping down Ocelot gave me so many firsts … My first medal finals ever, my first derbies (2’6 and 3’), my first trips in the adults, my first time in the 3’3 AOs, my first indoors, my first indoor ribbon, and ended our time in the show ring together with back to back tricolors at HITS Ocala. We went to NHS four times together! What a partnership. I will never thank Ocelot enough. He is truly a horse of a lifetime. 


2015 Hanovarian Gelding

Meet Enzo. Also known as CheckMeOut, Bunny, Baby Bunny, Baby BunBun, Enz, Enzie, Knucklehead. He is a 17.2h (I’m never measuring him again), chestnut Hanoverian by CheckMate with 4 white legs, a blaze and a milk lip. Truthfully, he is a little bit larger than I was intending on finding, but he's the goodest of boys. Enzo is a 2019 model who was bred by StoneVali Farm. I was lucky enough to welcome Enzo into my world in 2022 after he was started by Alicia Wilkinson, Horse Show Imports. When I say Enzo can take a joke - I sincerely mean that - I am an amateur and ride accordingly. Enzo has gone all over to shows where his older "brother" has already shown me the ropes. Enzo has now stepped into the role as my “main horse” as I have semi-retired Ocelot as of Summer 2024. My hope with Enzo is one day the 3’6 AOs and eventually maybe even some International Derbies or bigger performance hunter classes. For now, catch us in the low adults while we work out the details before we start putting the jumps up.